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Anxiety and Phobias

Many people have very serious anxieties and phobias related to treatment at the dental surgery.  The dentist themselves, the types of treatments, the noises smells and maybe a history of bad experiences.  Since opening in 2018 we have seen and treated many people locally and from far and wide that have been able to successfully have good quality dental care and have done so with careful management and a friendly manner and with empathy.

The management of all children requires a calm and step-wise approach allowing the child to progress through treatment at their own pace in a warm, fun and welcoming atmosphere.  To aid the introductions, we have a really cool story book which can be borrowed to read through who you will meet and what will happen during your visit.  This can also be beneficial for older children with additional support needs to make the visit less daunting. 


We have utilised numerous behavioural techniques to help earn trust and create a calming environment that suits all ages and all needs.  We have the ability to modify the environment to suit sensory needs including reduced noise and lighting, AV distraction, gravity blanket for emotional support and physical contact.

For adults and children with a more simple anxiety, we can work with them to acclimatise them to us and our clinic, we can help to work with them to build the confidence over a prolonged period of time that is often not viable under the state-funded schemes.  We always use topical gel prior to injections for much more comfortable anaesthesia, and we can provide muscular distraction techniques to alleviate the common discomfort of the procedure.  

For emergency treatment that requires a more speedy intervention, we can refer for sedation or anaesthesia, but for the long-term benefit to the patient we are confident that a caring and comfortable pace with the right techniques will over time prove beneficial to their long-term dental health.

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