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White Fillings

Q.  What are white fillings?

A.  White fillings are fillings that are designed to mimic the natural colour of your tooth, and they come in a variety of shades.  They are bonded to your teeth and they are ideal for replacing older metal fillings that have caused tooth discolouration, or for repairing cavities.

Q.  Why would I get white ones?

A.  Firstly they are much more aesthetic, they match the colour of your own teeth, and they won't be seen as easily when you are smiling, talking or laughing.  They are bonded to the tooth rather than inserted passively into a hole, so they tend to be held within the tooth better and are more resistant to fracture. 

Also they don't conduct temperature as easily as the old metal fillings, so they are often less temperature sensitive than the old 'amalgam' fillings.

Q. Who can get white fillings?


A.  If you have a cavity or if you have old chipped broken or fillings, you may be a candidate, also if you have had metal fillings for a long time, they can leak causing extensive staining of the tooth.  The other time they can be useful is for people who develop allergies to materials that are present within the 'amalgam' developing lichenoid reactions.  

Anyone can get white fillings.  We nearly always use white fillings.

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