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Q. What is a crown?

A. A crown is a 'tooth-shaped cap' that fits over damaged or broken tooth that requires strengthening or reinforcing.  It can also be placed over a tooth that has had root canal treatment to protect it.  They completely cover the visible tooth, and can be made from porcelain, a mixture of porcelain and metal, or in some cases just metal.

Q. How do I get a crown?


A.  Contact Expressions for a consultation, we can organise assessment and treatment planning and answer any questions you may have.  The treatment is broken into two steps, the first appointment is the preparation stage where the tooth structure is shaped and a mould is taken to send to the lab for construction, the second appointment is for the fit of the new crown.


Q.  I have had root canal treatment, do I need a crown?​

A.  At Expressions we would always advise a crown after root canal treatment, as the tooth is often left significantly weakened and vulnerable to fracture.  This could cause you to lose the tooth.  There are a few circumstances when you might not need one, but your dentist will have discussed this with you.  We just can't rely on the prognosis without one.

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