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Problems from untreated orthodontic issues include; tooth decay, food trapping, bad breath, gum disease, staining, jaw joint problems and tooth loss.

At Expressions we use two particular orthodontic systems that fit our ethos of cosmetic and aesthetics harnessed with clinical precision.  Dr. Sarah Rymer utilises the Inman Aligner system, and Dr. Will Rymer is a provider of Invisalign® Go.  A popular revolutionary system of discreet orthodontics that offers a comfortable, affordable, alternative to the traditional "train tracks".  It is seen as a viable solution for many, and can be much more tolerable for patients.


It is imperative though that it is understood that we are also experts in analysing and understanding that the severity these conditions can present in can require more experience and skill than even we can provide.  We can do a comprehensive assessment comprising of; dental exam, radiographs, photographs, impressions or digital scan.  We can then detail your suitability for this treatment  If it can't be done, fear not, we can still refer you to an advanced Invisalign provider, or a specialist orthodontist.

The key here is a good, long-term stable prognosis with incredible cosmetic results and maximum comfort.

Dentists in Ireland are trained to check and  monitor the developing dentition to assess the need for orthodontic treatment as our patients age.  

We are also able to treat mild to moderate cases dependent on our clinical skill and experience.  The key for those in need is that they not slip through the net and end up suffering the years of complications from not getting the treatment they need.  

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