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Tooth Whitening

Q. What is tooth whitening?

A. Tooth whitening is the process of lightening or brightening the natural colour of the tooth without the destructive removal of tooth tissue like enamel or dentine.  In Expressions, this is done with custom made arch application trays, and is done at home for a long-lasting stable result.

Q.  How does tooth whitening work?

A. The gel contains a chemical that breaks down into an oxidising agent which breaks down the bond between the discoloured parts (chromagens) of the tooth mineral and allows the restoration of the tooth natural colour.  Depending on the gel you may have to wear trays at night for 4 weeks or so to get the desired result.

Q.  What risks are involved?

A. The main risks are associated with unrealistic expectations, tooth whitening can be very effective, but they can't solve all of your dental needs.  It can't change artificial materials such as crowns, veneers, or fillings, so discuss this with your dentist at Expressions and we can discuss a more holistic approach that looks at an overall improvement of your smile rather than just the colour. 

The other major issue that can occur is tooth sensitivity,  this is usually remedied by using a slightly different compound in the tooth whitening process or using a desensitising gel.  It certainly shouldn't prevent you from getting the procedure.

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