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Treatment Results

Anterior Porcelain Crowns​

This fantastic case was optimally designed and planned to repair years of the teeth chipping and wearing due to grinding.  The old fillings had become stained and misshapen.  The new porcelain crowns took just a couple of weeks to prepare and will protect the underlying tooth structure as well as significantly upgrading and enhancing the aesthetics of the smile.

Anterior White Fillings / Dentine Bonding

The small stained composite on the front tooth on the left side is detracting from this patients confidence.  A simple 30 minute appointment and some careful retouching breathes new life into this lovely smile. 

Porcelain Veneers​

This poorly matched veneer is very obvious because it sits in the middle of the smile, a better surface preparation, better shade match and better resin bond provides a much better cosmetic finish.

Scale & Polish​

This treatment is a preventative and therapeutic treatment for gum disease, but it has the added side effect of being a great way of whitening and brightening the smile.  By eliminating the dietary stains, we can cheaply and effectively improve the cosmetics of your teeth.

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