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Root Canal Treatment

Q.  What is Root Canal Treatment?

A.  Root canal treatment is the cleaning and filling of the tiny space within the tooth where the 'nerve' or pulp tissue used to be.  It requires careful intricate cleaning and then a suitable filling material or crown is used to protect and reinforce the damaged tooth.

Q.  Why do I need Root Canal Treatment?

A.  You might need root canal treatment because there has been irreversible damage to the 'nerve' or pulp tissue caused by; trauma, tooth decay, a fracture, or erosion of the tooth.  It enables us to save the tooth despite a toothache, without resorting to losing the tooth.

Q. How do you perform a Root Canal Treatment?


A.  Root canal treatment is always done under local anaesthetic, then a rubber sheet is placed over the tooth to protect it during the treatment.  The top of the tooth is opened to reveal the dead or dying pulp tissue and then tiny instruments are used with a sterilising fluid to cleanse the area.  The tooth is then re-filled with a rubber type material, and ultimately a crown to strengthen it.  It can take two visits for the root canal, and another visit or two for the crown.

Dr Will Rymer at an endodontic (root can
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