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Dental Examination / Check-up

Cleaning / Scale and Polish

Restorations / Fillings

Root Canal Treatment


Prosthodontics (Crowns and Bridges)

Cosmetic Dentistry




Facial Aesthetics

Prevention & Education

Emergency Treatment

Family Dentistry

Vital for ensuring your health and vitality, attend regularly to ensure your teeth, gums and skin are healthy and free of disease.  

Cosmetic Dentistry
Facial Aesthetics
Family Dentistry

An excellent way of improving gingival and periodontal (gum) health and eliminating unsightly staining.  This treatment is a basic cleaning, and patients with more serious periodontal issues will require more comprehensive treatment.

This is any type of dental treatment which can be deemed to be undertaken purely for the enhancement of a patients physical appearance.  The smile is the most notable feature of the face and is vital for peoples confidence, whilst normally elective procedures, we would always offer the most aesthetic solutions to a dental problem where possible.

A crown is an artificial tooth that fits over the top of the remaining part of a prepared tooth which may have been extensively restored or may have previously had a root canal filling.  Bridges work in a similar way, but are three or more teeth fused together for replacing a missing tooth.

When a tooth is damaged substantially enough, the pulp ('nerve') can become irreversibly damaged.  when this occurs it is necessary to clean and disinfect the inner chambers of the tooth and have a very secure filling placed directly into the old canal space.  This treatment can take some time, but should leave you with a good quality tooth.

If you have a cavity or an old filling that is failing your dentist will advise a restoration, this could be made at the chair-side using traditional white (composite) materials, or in the laboratory using porcelain or gold.

One of the keys to improving our patients comfort and health is through the continual education and tuition to improve their oral hygiene, but also we employ numerous techniques during routine care to avoid dental costs escalating later.

These types of procedures are non-surgical, non-invasive cosmetic treatments for the relief of fine-lines and wrinkles, and can help you to feel more relaxed and youthful.  For more information go to our separate page on facial aesthetics.

Orthodontics is the treatment of malaligned (crooked) teeth, and can be provided in most cases.  we will always complete a comprehensive assessment.  some patients will be able to have treatment locally, whilst others may require more specialist intervention.

Despite our best efforts some of our patients may find themselves in some discomfort, or a new patient to the practice.  Please contact the surgery ASAP, or contact us via social media and we will endeavor to have you seen and out of pain within 24 hours.

We can treat the whole family, we recommend the first visit to the dentist should be aged 6 months, at this point your dentist will perform a basic examination, and complete a thorough risk assessment designed to aid you and your child in their oral hygiene and their early tooth development.

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