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Breakfast Tips and Ideas

Breakfast can be a tricky time for parents. There is often a big rush to get out of the door in the morning, whether it is to get the kids on the school bus, or to drop them off before you head into work. The fuel supplied by cereal can be inadequate for growing bodies, and we hope that our Expressions health food blog can provide a little inspiration over time to try to offer up a little variety.

No body expects us to be able to find the time for these sorts of things everyday, but to have one or two ideas for a bit of change once a week, or supplementing our normal diet with a little extra fruit or veg twice a week, might just do the trick.

The key really is trying to eliminate the processed food, refined sugars and empty calories. We try to swap these for regualr carbohydates, naturally occuring sugars that come tied together with fibre and vitamins.

Of course there is sugar in sweet berries, but the equivalent amount of sugar on a teaspoon provides pure energy that doesn't last long, whilst sugars in fruit will provide the same energy, but also help digestion by providing fibre and helping with vision, providing support to connective tissue, and aids the immune system due to the vitamins they contain.

If your people (young or old) don't eat porridge, that could be because of previous bad experiences, look up a recipe for a flavour combo that will help them to embrace the quality nutrition.

Be aware that we can't eat bowls of fruit the whole time, and there are times when the teeth will need a rest from the natural sugars, opt instead for a nice nut butter on a piece of wholegrain bread or toast. The plain white pan is a family favourite, but often contains sugars and little in the way of nutrition. Wholegrain bread is a relatively simple way of making a leap forward in terms of your families health and dental health.

The most important thing is to think about the need for fuel and the balance of the need to control exposure to decay causing sugars. We can sweeten foods without adding a spoonful of sugar. even naturally occurring sugars will cause decay if we eat enough of them and then leave them there for too long. Brush 30 minutes after eating, floss and use a fluoride mouth rinse.

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