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Lip Service

So Dr. Rymer is building an increasing momentum in the new clinic, with some challenging cosmetic dentistry cases coming down the tracks, and plenty of people looking for minor enhancements to their smiles, or old work to be modernised or updated. Of particular interest this week though was this amazing case where a patient had looked for a lip enhancement. This patient already has a beautiful smile and only required a subtle augmentation. The key to a good result here, is that the lips are enhanced with the patients own natural facial features in mind.

Everybody has a slightly different build, and for that reason everybody needs a unique personalised treatment plan, whether looking for definition of the vermilion border and cupids bow, or soft plump lips that are fuller. What works for your friend or the model on the front of RSVP, might not necessarily work for you.

Pre-op (Top) and Post-op (Bottom), of a recent lip filler augmentation.

This patient was looking for naturally fuller lips with more definition, and this is how we formulated her treatment. Dr. Rymer utilised safe practising technique with cannula application, in this case 0.4ml Perfectha Complement was used in the vermilion border to increase definition, and 0.7ml of Restylane Refyne was used in the body of the lip to give a fuller appearance. We utilise local anaesthesia, it is more effective than the 'numbing cream', and we get much higher patient satisfaction this way.

Results were just astounding, and we can expect them to last for about 6-9 months. This is dependant on your body, your metabolism and lifestyle factors, but this would be the normal expectation. We think you will agree the results are excellent, if you are interested in a consultation for this or any other area of facial aesthetics, call the practice on (0505) 21735, and ask for an appointment with Dr. Sarah Rymer.

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