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Digital Dentistry

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

At Expressions we LOVE bringing you the latest technology, and pride ourselves at being at the forefront of the technological revolution in dentistry. For this reason Dr. Will Rymer has organised to attend the British Digital Dentistry Show in Olympia London.

This is to be held in October 2018 and will be an ideal opportunity to see all of the latest innovations and gadgets breaking into the UK market. Sadly, sometimes it can take some years for major breakthroughs from the US and the UK to make it to Ireland, and We are being pro-active in seeking out anything that can make our patients lives easier, or our dentistry faster, better, or cheaper. Plus, Dr. Rymer like nothing more than investing in anew piece of shiny equipment. This event is going to be the dentists equivalent of the 'Late Late Toy Show'.

Stay tuned to see what sort of goodies he brings back from his travels, and what revolution he can bring to the people in Roscrea.

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