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Work in Progress

When we first floated the idea of a new dental practice in Roscrea, the idea was warmly received. Our first post on social media back in 2017 generated huge interest and whet the appetite of the local population for what was to come. Unfortunately the planning and design phase of a project like this takes time, and over a year later we are finally seeing the project coming to fruition.

According to the Central Statistics Office, when compared to similar sized communities across the globe and particularly across Ireland, Roscrea is under served by the profession, and would benefit from more dentists in the area. To do this who better than a local girl who moved abroad to learn her craft, and is now 17 years into her professional career returning to the town and giving back to the locality.

We wished to create a clean, stylish space with a modern feel but that was warm and welcoming. Dental practices in Ireland have to meet hundreds of criteria for health and safety and cleanliness, and they can often feel cold and clinical as a consequence. We hope that our surgery whilst meeting all of these criteria and also a higher standard than currently demanded in the country, we have also made a space that helps people to feel comfortable and relaxed.

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